"Limitations" for Art

Good Morning, Bonjour, Buenos Diaz and by now, I guess, you all get the point. I am Sir Artius from the family of ArtymelangeTM. Today I would like to address a very important issue, The "Shackles or Bars" that prevent you from indulging in Art. But before we speak about this, let me interest you with a course through the history books. Don't worry it is not very detailed or boring.

You wouldn't believe me if I said that humans first indulged in art roughly 2.6 MILLION YEARS AGO. Yes, 2.6 Million years ago. Back then the human species were roughly evolved and still resembled apes. But they did attempt Art. Although it imposes itself to be a crude form of Art, it is Art nevertheless. And this "Art" that I have been talking about is their stone tools. Before any of you argue, let me reinforce my statement. For a species with fairly low intellect and experience, carving a rock for personal benefits, would indeed classify as art. For example, we even consider the scribbles of a kid as art, don't we?

Later on, along the path of time, we come to an era whose creations would definitely be classified as art, the era of the Caveman. Well, we are all familiar with primeval cave paintings that look like they sprung out of a toddlers drawing book, but don't be mislead by their simplicity, cause, at the time that they were created, they were the most intricate man- made creations. WELL I COULD GO ON AND ABOUT THIS THE WHOLE DAY, BUT WE ALL KNOW WHAT FURTHER ENSUED.  As time progressed, art become more intricate and complicated. Well after all, we had now learnt to comprehend art with an Aesthetic vision. And here our problem originated!!

We now started to worry about other's opinions and hence, as time progressed the number of people who attempted art dwindled. Well however, let me add in something here, while fewer people attempted art, art lives in the heart and soul of each living being. We just don't know the form it takes, creating a perfectly circular pan-cake or arranging your work-space in an orderly fashion is also art. We all are, in a sense, wired to attempt art. But returning to my point, the number of people who actually venture into visual arts is indeed a sorry number. While the chief reason is the fear of other's opinion on your work, we tend to bring forth these other "limitations"  as excuses to save our hides. Let me tell you something, the only true limitation in Art, or for a matter of fact, anything in life, is determination. Determination for a cause will ensure that nothing can prevent you from succeeding. If you are determined, then physical/mental deformities, time constraints, social beliefs are just mere words. Don't believe me?  Let me give an example.

Let me acquaint you with a certain individual,  Mr. JOHN BRAMBLITT. (Go check out the Interactive Corner) John  is a famous artist and has paintings is some of the most renowned galleries around the world. He had wanted to become a creative writing teacher in 2001 but fate decreed it impossible when he was struck with blindness. Now most of us would lose hope, and sit crying in some corner, shattered, but he did the impossible. He made it to the top when he discovered that hidden artist and started painting. His determination to succeed has now made him a celebrity in art. And what stood between him and art was a real limitation but he overcame that, so can't we all be determined enough to get over our "FEAR" of goofing up in Art. Sometimes I feel that the only reason we don't try art is because we see it. Yes, we tend  to judge our work even before its completion and therefore we feel that our incomplete work is pathetic and, hence, never complete it. Well it does seem hard to believe, but if we ever completed our handiwork without seeing it in between, we would actually be satisfied with our creation. And we even proved this at the Artymelange Kiosk in the 2016, Street Konnect Vibes  (an annual Street Fair organised in Thakur Village, Kandivali (E), Mumbai.).


Ms.Jaywanti and the Artymelange team with the Organisers @Street Konnect VIBES 2016



Pictures of the extremely popular Artymelange Kiosk. We conducted the Blind Fold Painting Activity for over 200 participants.


This Activity was attempted by a variety of ages and received amazing response from everyone.



Our amazing Artists giving the finishing touches to the Abstract Creations of the public.

The Final Products!! Aren't they Amazing!?! This is proof that if we throw away the fear of failing or creating "bad" Artwork, we are no less than Artists!!

Bye for now friends! This is me, Sir Artius signing off!! But I shall return soon with another interesting session for all of you!! Adios!! Ciao!! Au Revoir! Bye!!

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