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Jaywanti ma'am has been my teacher since the past 4 years. She is an incredible person before being a great teacher. Her guidance has been very useful to me and I really am grateful to her for her undying efforts she put behind me because of which I became an A grade holder in the intermediate exam. Just like this website-A grade!!! Amazing website ma'am...very informative too with an introduction to connoisseurs of art. The artist of the week section also is very encouraging to children. All the best ma'am and learning from you is never enough!!

awesome drawing love it

Hearty Congratulations Jaywanti madam for your initiative. You are remembered for driving positive energy & encouraging creativity with your passion. Very nice representation of art work thru creative & interactive website.

Jaywanti is a gifted artist, teacher and mother. I was impressed with her love for art and the enthusiasm with which she speaks about it. She has a natural ability to motivate and inspire. I have watched her work compassionately with students. She has a strong work ethic and is a person of integrity.

Mam the website is really very gud I liked it and the artist

Fabulous is a small word for all your passion and efforts . Truely blessed to have met you in my life's journey.

It is an immense pleasure to passion for art and your work in your eyes. Art Milange is manifestation of such passion. Lovely vision. Lovely platform. I am very proud that we have passionate artist like Jaywanti Mam who not only creates such huge vision but also dare to scale the road from vision to reality. My all good wishes. May this platform shine internationally. Let the globe soak in the beauty of Indian Art .

Fabulous and Innovative website.

A very Creative Website.

P.S- A rare sight in INDIA

I love this website - its so usefull and helpfull.

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